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Exxtrication Gloves - Level 5 Cut Resistant by 221B Tactical

Exxtrication Gloves - Level 5 Cut Resistant by 221B Tactical

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Fulfilled by our friends at 221B Tactical

 When the situation is critical, you MUST have the proper gear to get the job DONE! The lives of others may be in your hands...and that's EXACTLY why you need to PROTECT your hands at all costs. 

The Exxtrication Gloves by 221B Tactical were designed specifically by our CEO (13 year Police Veteran) based on his real-world experiences at the scenes of critical incidents such as serious MV Crashes. 

Whether you are a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Paramedic or other first responder, when every second counts, you can't afford to get injured...especially your hands. And ultimately, getting home safe and sound at the end of your shift is paramount.

Don't let inadequate gear get in the way of serving, protecting and saving lives! Get the gloves made to protect you and your hands during the most critical incidents!



  • Level 5 HPX Lining for SUPERIOR cut & slash protection
  • Level 5 HPX protects against cut & slashes even when gloves get  wet with fluids (i.e. water, oil, blood)
  • Durable Armour-Skin on finger tips and palms for added grip and  protection
  • Padded Palm for impact absorption
  • Double reinforced stitching 
  • Injection molded rubber on back of fingers for superior  protection and  flexion
  • High-density padding on back of hand for superior impact  absorption
  • Highly Visibility Fluorescent Yellow Color
  • Extended Cuff for added protection and coverage

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