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Flood Light Buddy by

Flood Light Buddy by

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Light up large spaces with the portable mini flood light that’s brighter and 80% more efficient than traditional LEDs!

The Flood Light Buddy is a handheld, lightweight and portable COB light that’s more powerful than traditional LED lights and up to 80% more efficient. It’s perfect for lighting up large spaces, camping, work, photography and so much more!

  • Super bright COB LED chips to illuminate large spaces (750 Lumen)
  • Portable handheld size that fits in your pocket
  • 3 modes of lighting to suit all needs: High, low and SOS flashing mode.
  • IP44 waterproof rating for versatile use in any weather
  • 180-degree rotation for optimal viewing
  • Adjustable stand for reading in bed or securing flashlight on uneven surfaces.
  • 2 x 3000mAh Rechargeable Battery
COB Floodlight

Brand new COB technology for better light!

The Flood Light Buddy uses an advanced COB LED light that provides better illumination than other types of LED lights. It can produce bright white light that is comparable to sunlight!

The COB LEDs distribute the light evenly which makes the Flood Light Buddy perfect for illuminating large spaces such as warehouses or factories. 

It’s also a great light for photographers and videographers who need bright light on their subjects!

High Quality Flood Light

High quality light, even on a low budget

The Flood Light Buddy is a great solution for people who are looking for
a high-quality, low-cost lighting option. 

Thanks to its super bright COB LED lights it can be used in many different settings including warehouses, factories, retail stores, office buildings and more.


Affordable Flood Light

Safer and more affordable than traditional LED lights

The Flood Light Buddy requires up to 80% less energy than traditional LED lighting to save you money on batteries. It also produces less heat, which makes it safer and more environmentally friendly.
The COB LED light also lasts longer than other types of LEDs so you won’t have to replace them as often.

Portable Flood Light

Portable and fits in your pocket!

Flood any space with more light than ever, from the palm of your hand. The Flood Light Buddy is lightweight, compact and easy to store and carry whenever you need more light.

3 Light Modes of Flood Light Buddy

3 lighting modes to suit all needs

High mode - for flooding large areas with “sunlight” levels of light! 

Low mode - for close quarters work, camping and ambient lighting.

SOS flashing mode - to draw attention in an emergency.

IP44 Waterproof Flood Light

IP44 waterproof

Use the Flood Light Buddy in any weather conditions and never worry about faults or shocks.

180 degree rotation for optimal viewing

180 degree rotation for optimal viewing

Shine the light wherever you need to with a 180° rotation stand.

Fully adjustable stand

Fully adjustable stand

Ideal for securing the Flood Light Buddy on uneven surfaces and achieving optimal light in any situation.

Order your Flood Light Buddy today and light up large spaces on any budget! If you don’t agree this is the perfect light for emergencies, work, photography, outdoor sports and more, you pay nothing! Just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Free Shipping

Free shipping!

We’ll ship your Flood Light Buddy to your door ASAP,  free of charge! Expect short delays to some countries. Please allow a minimum of 2-5 business days for shipping in the US and 10-20 days for international orders.

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