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Outdoor Portable Mini 4 Shelves Greenhouse

Outdoor Portable Mini 4 Shelves Greenhouse

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This mini portable greenhouse is sturdy with heavy-duty steel tubes and nets.


Thus it is not only very durable but also very easy to move around and assembly. As a result you can put it indoor or outdoor. Furthermore four inside shelves make it suitable for growing different kinds of plants with which you can try raising different flowers or other plants and have great fun. The durable plastic cover of this greenhouse not only maintains temperature and humidity but also keep plants away from significant harm. Additionally the unique design of this greenhouse will decorate your room or garden like a fairy world.


Don't hesitate to buy it! You never regret having it!


  • Structured with steel tubes and nets that are weather-resistant and rust-resistant
  • PVC cover protects seeds from rough weather conditions
  • Zippered roll-up door allows for easy access to adding a multitude of new plants
  • Weight capacity of 40lbs the greenhouse can carry more plants
  • Four shelves with more space to grow plants
  • Different heights between the areas allow for storage of small and large plants
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Simple style adds a great embellishment to your home or garden
  • Easy installation without any tools required

— High Quality and Sturdy Construction: This mini greenhouse is structured with steel tubes and nets that are weather-resistant and rust-resistant. It comes with excellent load-bearing performance on each layer as well. The greenhouse is strong enough to bear the weight of seeds trays pots and other things with its large weight capacity of 40 lbs. Despite its sturdy construction it is easy to move around and assembly because of its lightweight.
— Multi-Function and Perfect For Protecting Plants: The durable PVC cover of this greenhouse not only maintain temperature and humidity but also protects the seeds from rough weather conditions such as rain wind and snow. Therefore it reduces adverse effects on temperature and climate ensuring the safety of plants to a certain extent. You can stop worrying and enjoy growing your plants.
— Four Inside Shelves with Appropriate Space: With its four shelves the greenhouse provides you enough space to grow all kinds of beautiful flowers and vegetables. You can get great experience through observation of the whole process. It's great fun.
— Zippered Roll-Up Door with Unique Design: The design of the zippered roll-up door makes it not only easy to access but also easy to get proper ventilation to obtain an optimum air circulation. Additionally it contributes to building a microclimate that lengthens planting time and makes your plants grow in a better.
— Simple Style and Great Decorative to Many Places: The portable and simple style of this mini greenhouse makes it ideal for places like balconies living rooms patios and gardens where all the space should be fully utilized. In short it gives your patios balconies decks and gardens a touch of greenness and great embellishment by adding elegance to the room.

  • Cover: Transparent PVC Materials
  • Frame: Steel with green powder coating
  • Overall dimensions: 27" x 19" x 63" (L x W x H)
  • Weight capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Package weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Greenhouse
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