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Paladin Battle Belt - Tactical Molle Gun Fighter Belt by 221B Tactical

Paladin Battle Belt - Tactical Molle Gun Fighter Belt by 221B Tactical

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Fulfilled by our friends at 221B Tactical


It goes without saying, a solid belt is the foundation of your gun and/or duty belt set-up.  You can't afford to have a breakdown when it comes to your kit; especially with the tactical gun belt that's holding your weapons and tools. That's why we designed the 221B Tactical Paladin Gun Belt. Made from the highest grade materials with an ultra-rigid construction, this tactical gun fighter battle belt is built to last and perform under the harshest conditions for years.


The Paladin tactical gun belt is based on a dual belt system which is comprised of the primary, rigid molle outer belt and a hook and loop inner belt. The inner belt is woven through the belt loops of the pants. The outer, rigid molle battle belt is worn over this inner belt and secures firmly via hook and loop fastening.


Heavy Duty Rigid Construction

Load-bearing 7,000 lb. Tensile Strength

PALS Webbing For Molle Attachments

Multiple Sizes (US)

Low Profile (Flat) Cobra Style Front Buckle



There's no easy way to say this so we'll just say it; please order according to your true waist size. No need to order a larger size to account for your belt accessories. Do not order based on the waist size you'd "like" to be. If you do happen to order the wrong size, no worries. Simply email our support team and we will gladly take care of you. 

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